Long Island Community Agriculture Network

In recent decades, most of Long Island’s farms have given way to housing and industry and we have become dependent on food shipped to us from thousands of miles away. LICAN’s founders and supporters want to save our remaining farms and create gardens so that Long Islanders can once again grow a significant portion of our own food, organically and safely.

LICAN is fiscally sponsored by the Open Space Institute, Inc., as part of its Citizen Action Program. LICAN was formed by volunteers who are passionate about our communities’ health and the economic potential of gardening and farming. Our services include setting up community gardens that are affordable or free, teaching people how to garden, growing food for local food banks, and improving the community by bringing people together.

Grow to Give: A Guide to Creating Community Service Gardens

Written by Frances Cerra Whittelsey with technical assistance from Lawrence Foglia and Heather Forest

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